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JCC Tzahal Shalom Program

Each year the Stamford Jewish Community Center welcomes active duty officers from the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to our community. The goal of the visit is to build bridges between Americans and Israelis, to learn about each other, person-to-person, while building lasting relationships and a profound sense of extended family. There are many ways to participate in this memorable experience. There will be numerous opportunities during the soldiers' visit to meet, exchange ideas and learn from one another. Keep an eye out for further information about the JCC Tzahal Shalom program and a schedule of events.



Give yourself and your family a gift.
Be a Host Family to a JCC Tzahal Shalom Officer
Sunday, April 10 – Sunday, April 17

We are actively seeking Jewish host families who are JCC members to host Israeli officers during this year’s Tzahal Shalom visit. Imagine the impact it would have on you and your family to open your home and your heart to an Israeli officer for seven days.

Interested? Join us for an informational session and hear from past host families what it means to be a host family and what the experience is all about.

Host family applications need to be submitted by February 1.

Click here to download an application.




To donate to the JCC Tzahal Shalom:

The JCC Tzahal Shalom program exists through the generous support of people like you. Enlist for this special mission and be part of the elite forces that have kept the program going for more than 30 years.*

Our supporters’ ranks include:

General – Ramatkal: $5,000

Colonel – Aluf: $2,500

Captain – Rav Seren: $1,000

Lieutenant – Segen: $500

Sargeant – Samai: $360

Private – Turai: $180

Recruit - Teron: Other 

There are three ways to donate.

1. Click here to donate online.

2. Mail a check to the Stamford Jewish Community Center, 1035 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT 06905 with “Tzahal Shalom” written in the memo of your check.

3. Stop by the JCC.



Did you know...

Each year the JCC Tzahal Shalom program brings seven active duty Israeli officers to Stamford for a cross-cultural encounter with our community. The primary goal of the program is to deepen mutual understanding and strengthen the unity of the Jewish people. Americans and Israelis are given opportunities to learn about each other and their societies, person-to-person, while building lasting relationships and a profound sense of extended family.

Last year alone, the seven officers of the Israel Defense Forces who participated in the Stamford JCC’s Tzahal Shalom program made a meaningful connection with:

• 1,000 high school students at over 10 different public high schools
• 100 teens involved in after school Jewish programming/youth groups
• 600 elementary and middle school students at Bi-Cultural Day School and Carmel Academy
• All of the children in the local synagogues and religious schools
• Shabbat congregants at local synagogues
• 225 children in after school and preschool programs at the JCC
• 1000 adults at events throughout the community
• 50 seniors in assisted living facilities, plus 100 additional seniors in JCC programs
• 200 college students and faculty when officers visit while universities and colleges are in session
• The Mayor of Stamford
• Top brass at the Stamford Police Department
• 7 lucky host families
• Countless fellow IDF soldiers back in Israel when they returned and shared the incredible support and love that
  American Jewry has for Israel.

Tzahal Shalom is funded entirely through the generosity of individuals in our community. Please help support this important initiative. Tax-deductible contributions may be made to the Stamford JCC.

Click here to make a donation online.

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