Meet the JCC Fitness Staff


clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web.jpgLori Price, Managing Director, Sports, Fitness & Aquatics

Certifications: ACE personal trainer, Mad Dogg Spinning, BODYPUMP, BODYVIVE, Zumba, IFSCF kettlebell coach, TRX, BOSU Speciality Certificate, WIM
Fitness Expertise: Staying on top of new innovations to motivate, inspire and improve health, fitness and well-being
Fitness Interests: I enjoy all aspects of fitness and I am always up for a challenge
Availability: Mornings, afternoons



clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web2.jpgJenn Kidd, Master Trainer 

Certifications: B.S. in exercise science, ACE personal trainer, Mad Dogg Spinning, BODYPUMP, BODYVIVE, TRX, PhysicalMind Pilates, Urban Rebounding, BOSU Speciality Certificate, WIM
Fitness Expertise: 16 years working full-time in fitness, 14 years as an ACE trainer, 10 years as a group fitness instructor. Experience working with ages 3-93 and for all different fitness levels and goals
Fitness Interests: Balance & flexibility training, functional & athletic training, post-therapeutic training, tai chi, self release/self massage of trigger point and myofascial tissue
Availability: Early mornings, mornings, afternoons, evenings


clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web7.jpgKaren Cowit, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: AFAA personal training, primary certifications, BODYPUMP, BODYVIVE, Silver Sneakers, Muscular Strength Range of Motion (MSROM), Yoga Stretch, PHI Pilates, TRX, YMCA pre- and post-natal fitness trainer, BOSU Speciality Certificate
Fitness Expertise: Working with clients of all abilities incorporating Pilates, BOSU/physio ball, innovative strength and endurance training. Senior adults experience, experience working with special needs young adults
Fitness Interests: Walking, hiking, local charity walkathons
Availability: Mornings, afternoons, evenings


clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web14.jpgDavid Dombrowski, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: NASM personal trainer, CCEP (Connecticut Coaching Education Program), CPR/AED
Fitness Expertise: Lacrosse, strength & endurance, core, sport-specific training programs
Fitness Interests: Sport training, strength training, running, pliometrics
Availability: Flexible (June - February), mornings/nights (March - May)



clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web9.jpgLauren Fein, Pro Trainer 

Certifications: AFAA personal trainer, Mad Dogg Spin instructor, AFAA kickboxing, TRX, BOSU Speciality Certificate, BODYPUMP
Fitness Expertise: Cycling, bootcamp, strength training, boxing
Fitness Interests: Outdoor cycling, all types of group fitness, culinary observation and consumption, tennis
Availability: Mornings, afternoons



clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web13_Sarina.jpgSarina Fiorita, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: Personal trainer, group exercise & aerobics instructor, kickboxing, Pilates, circuit, weight & interval training, Aquacise, spinning, Silversneakers senior muscular strength & range of movement, step with style, osteo ball training for bone health
Fitness Expertise: Customization of one to one training, Pilates, aerobics & strength training, senior functional movements
Fitness Interests: My goal is to make a difference for young and old. My reward is to watch them grow and excel with healthy lifestyles. I continue to further my training in physical fitness and in health.
Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web12_Karen.jpgKeren Gershon, Pro Trainer

Certifications: AFAA Personal Trainer
Fitness Expertise: Swim instruction, teaching martial arts
Fitness Interests: Swimming, running, triathlons, crossfit, martial arts
Availability: Early Morning, mornings, afternoon, evening, weekends


clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web6.jpgJoan Goldenberg, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: ACE personal trainer, BODYPUMP, BOSU Speciality Certificate
Fitness Expertise: Improve or avoid specific injuries or disabilities, senior fitness, body sculpting, improving balance issues
Fitness Interests: Nutrition
Availability: Mornings, afternoons




clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web4.jpgAmy Irish, Pro Trainer

Certifications: NASM personal trainer, AFAA personal & group fitness trainer, Dancing Through Pregnancy pre- and post-natal fitness trainer, PHI Pilates, YogaFit, Raja Yoga, Hoopnotica Hoop Fitness, AFAA Kickboxing, Zumba
Fitness Expertise: 16 years of fitness experience working with people of all ages and fitness levels; specializing in core and stability training using functional movement, yoga ans Pilates
Fitness Interests: Cardio kickboxing, Hoop dance & performance, snowboarding, mountain biking
Availability: Mornings, afternoons, weekends


clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web13.jpgDanny Melchionne, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: ACSM certified personal trainer, Degree in Exercise Science
Fitness Expertise: Strength training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, injury prehab and rehab, improving body composition, senior or disabled conditioning
Fitness Interests: Bodybuilding, powerlifting, nutrition
Availability: Mornings, afternoons, nights




clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web8.jpgWilliam Myers, Pro Trainer 

Certifications: NSCA personal trainer and NSCA CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
Fitness Expertise: Strength training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, agility and speed, Olympic lifting, senior exercise, small group training, functional strength
Fitness Interests: Core strength, athletic enhancement, postural and preventative exercises, work capacity
Availability: Mornings, evenings (September – June), afternoons, evenings (June – September)



clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web5.jpgDina Savitt, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: ACE personal trainer, ACE group fitness instructor, Keiser Cycling, TRX, BODYPUMP, BODYVIVE, BOSU Speciality Certificate
Fitness Expertise: General strength and cardiovascular training, aqua fitness, kickboxing, Practical Pilates, step
Fitness Interests: Running, dancing, tennis
Availability: Mornings, afternoons



clientuploads/Website Photos/FitnessStaff_Web12.jpgVerity Stewart, Pro Trainer  

Certifications: NASM, Mad Dogg Spin instructor, RIPPED, BODYPUMP
Fitness Expertise: Indoor cycling, general fitness conditioning for people of all ages and experience
Fitness Interests: Exercising to maintain and improve health of the mind and body
Availability: Mornings, early afternoons




clientuploads/Website Photos/AquaticsStaff_Web7.jpgAlex Tkachuk, Pro Trainer

Certifications: AFAA personal trainer, AAAI/ISMA personal trainer, TRX, BODYPUMP, Red Cross WSI, USA Swim coach
Fitness Expertise: Coaching swim team, TRX, functional training
Fitness Interests: Crossfit, weight lifting, outdoor sports
Availability: Early mornings, mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends




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