Board of Directors

Richard Vogel, President
Jeff Goldblum, First Vice President
Risa Raich, Vice President
Jared Mehl, V.P. Treasurer
Jeffrey Popper, Assistant Treasurer
Jeannie Kasindorf, Secretary
Steven Steinmetz, Counsel
Brian S. Kriftcher, Past President
Sheryl Young, President The Center Women

Carla Bick
Ken Broder
Garry Feldman
Amiel Goldberg
Joy Katz
Brenda Piskin
Craig L. Price
Gayle Rothman
Kim Schweber

Eric H. Koehler, Chief Executive Officer

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Spotlight on Israel: A new lunch & learn series

This session will focus on what Jewish pluralism is and why it is a challenging issue in Israel. We will go back to 1948, the birth of Israel, to understand Judaism’s role in establishing the Jewish State. We will discuss the conflicts that