Where great families begin.

FamilyPlace offers programs and services for families with children ages birth to five years, with choices such as pre-natal classes, music classes, sports/gym classes, holiday celebrations, and performances geared to the youngest audiences.

Classes and special events provide a place to meet other adults sharing the challenge and excitement of early parenthood. Babies, toddlers and young children play and explore environments and materials specially tailored to their interests and abilities. This is the place to find great early experiences out in the world for you and your child.

For more information, contact Galit Roloff at 203.487.0974, or

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#RaisingTodaysKids | "How Toddlers and Young Children Thrive" Lecture By Tovah Klein, PH.D

Professor Tovah Klein’s aim is to help parents “crack the code” of everyday behaviors and offer the opportunity to lay down a solid, lifelong foundation, including practical advice or how parents can troubleshoot day-to-day