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Make a splash! Water is the leading edge in fitness across the US, and it's available right here. Infants, school age children, healthy adults, seniors and individuals with disabilities can all perform well in water. The JCC's professional aquatics staff offers classes for all age groups and skill levels. Membership at the JCC includes use of our 25-meter, six-lane, 3½-foot-deep to 4½-foot-deep indoor pool. For those who prefer to swim on their own, lap lanes are open at most times throughout the day. However, during peak usage, especially Sunday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., only one lane may be available.


Aquatics Rollover Registration Policy 
If you are already enrolled in a class at the JCC and want to rollover to the next class in the next semester, even if you are a non-member, you can do so once member registration has begun. Member registration for the next semester will begin during the final weeks of each current semester. Fees are subject to change based on the number of sessions in the current semester. For more information, contact Daniel Servelli, Director of Aquatics at 203.487.0990 or dservelli@stamfordjcc.org.


Fall 2014 Discounts
Sign up for session A and session B of group swim instruction and receive a 25% discount on the session B class.

• Offer valid for fall 2014 classes only.
• Must be for the same child, cannot be split between siblings.
• In order for your child to master each level, both sessions A and B are recommended.


Refund Policy
Due to high demand and limited spots for swim lessons, the JCC refund policy will be enforced strictly. Refunds, credits or make-up classes for unscheduled absences cannot be accommodated. For absences due to serious illness/injury (doctor’s note required) or absences known at least one week in advance, we will make every effort to schedule make-up classes. Placement in make-up classes is based on the schedule of comparable classes and their availability.


Swimming Pool Rules

Swim caps must be worn by all swimmers*
All participants must shower before entering the pool
Proper bathing attire is required
No running in the pool area
No splashing or diving
No food or drinks allowed
During lap swim, circle swimming only is permitted
No standing in lap swimming lanes
Pushing, kicking and other contact between swimmers is not allowed
Swimmers under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult
Infants must wear swim diapers; disposable diapers are not permitted
Street shoes are not permitted on the pool deck 

Swimming pool rules and etiquette serve to ensure your health, safety and enjoyment. Individuals who do not obey the pool rules will be asked to leave the facility.

*Everyone entering the pool must wear a swim cap. This rule applies to males & females of all ages who have hair, no matter how long.

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