JCC Sara Walker Nursery School Parents' Association

Welcome to the JCC Sara Walker Nursery School Parents' Association (PA). The Parents’ Association is a group of parents who help plan and create social activities, fundraising events and educational programs for the students, their families and their teachers. Our mission is to make the Parents’ Association a true organization, for the parents and by the parents. 
As an integral component of the school, the PA works closely with Managing Director Anne Liss Johnson and Educational Coordinator Sandi Waldstreicher to help support and enhance our children's experiences. Throughout the school year the PA runs enriching events and programs which include:

For the Parents: Class Coffees and Coffees with Anne; Back-to-School Nights; Parent Cocktail Parties; The Buddy Program; and Star Night.

For the Children: Meet & Greet; Fall Festival; Spring Fling; Pizza Fridays; and for our 3’s and 4’s: the Library, Shabbat Bags and Challah Programs; and the 4’s Moving Up Book and Havdallah Bags.

For the Teachers: Teacher Appreciation Week, Class Parents Program.
The PA also raises funds in a variety of ways to supplement school programming and materials. In the past, the generous support from the school community has allowed us to: 
• Enlist a collaborative pediatric assessment therapies group, consisting of an occupational therapist,
  clinical psychologist and behavior analyst who support the staff, children and families in our school.
• Design and purchase a new kitchen for our school’s cooking curriculum.
• Build and maintain a state-of-the-art playground for the 3's and 4's, and update the 2’s playground.
• Purchase new technology, play kitchens, and books for the classrooms.
• Purchase materials to enhance the school's Judaic Programming.
• Refurbish the school's library.


Parents' Association Programs:

4's Moving Up Book
The graduating class will receive this very special yearbook as a gift from the PA. Included are delightful photos, messages from teachers and friends, and words of congratulations and encouragement from the parents.

Buddy Program 
New parents to Sara Walker are introduced to a parent who has been in the school, to serve as an experienced guide and to answer any questions.

Challah Program 
Every Friday your child can bring home Challah for Shabbat. Click here for the sign-up form.

Class Parents 
This is a great way to get more involved in your child's nursery school experience. In this role, you will be the parent liaison between your child's classroom, the administration and the Parents' Association. You will also be the "parent coordinator" within your classroom, requesting volunteers to help with classroom functions and celebrations (i.e. Holiday Celebrations, Teddy Bear Hospital), as well as school and PA events (i.e. Fall Festival, Spring Fling, Grandparent's Day). In addition, you will volunteer to help at these events. Class Parents are a fundamental support system in our school.

We are very proud of our library at Sara Walker. The 3’s and 4’s go to the library once a month for Storytime, enjoying the books read by parent volunteers. Also included is a lending library from which the children are encouraged to borrow books. 

Pizza Fridays
Monthly pizza delivery to the classroom for families who register. Pizza, bottled water and fruit are included. Click here for the sign-up form.

Shabbat/Havdalah Bags 
Every week one child from each 3's and 4's class will bring home wonderful supplies so the whole family can celebrate Shabbat! The 4’s children enjoy Havdalah supplies, too.

Membership & Volunteering
Being a member of the Parents’ Association is a great way to connect with your child’s nursery school experience. The PA is entirely formed and run by parent volunteers. Financially, the PA is funded by nominal contributions by the school’s parents given at the beginning of each school year. However, we could not offer the many enrichment activities without the generous support of parent volunteers, with no role being too small. We are proud to come together to make the most of our children’s early education, while at the same time promoting and building on community values.
For more information on all Parents’ Association programs, please email swnspa@gmail.com.
Click here to download the Parents' Association Welcome Letter.

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