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To register or for more information, contact Yael Stolarsky, our JCC Israeli Shlicha at 203.487.0961 or

Boker Tov, Israel!
Join Yael Stolarsky, our JCC Israeli Shlicha, as we explore Israel’s politics, innovations, society, culture, and values through discussion, interactive presentations, and videos. Click here for the Boker Tov, Israel brochure.

Thursdays, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Sundays, 10 – 11:30 a.m.

Thurs. Oct. 19 & Sun. Oct. 22: The Women of Israel
Since before the country of Israel was born, Israeli women have taken a lead role in its creation. Today women in Israel play a central part in the Israeli judicial and political system and in the IDF. Is there full gender equality in Israel? Who are the most influential women in Israel today?

Thurs., Nov. 9 & Sun., Nov. 12: TV Commercials as a Mirror to Israeli Culture
Commercials on Israeli TV have always been meaningful in Israeli society. The language, music and characters, all symbolize different elements related to Israeli culture. Let’s explore and analyze some of Israel’s unforgettable commercials.

Thurs., Dec. 14 & Sun., Dec. 17: The Puzzle Pieces of the Conflict
The never-ending Arab-Israeli conflict is an issue we hear about on a daily basis. What motivates and infuses the ongoing conflict? Is it the settlements? The checkpoints? The security wall? Perhaps it is more complex than just one issue. Explore the pieces that make up this very difficult puzzle.

Thurs., Jan. 25 & Sun., Jan. 28: The Sticker Song: Israel from Bumper to Bumper
Bumper stickers, slogans and graffiti are phenomena that play important roles in Israeli society. They speak volumes about Israel’s politics, values, culture and passions. The Sticker Song was written by veteran Israeli author and intellectual. See how this hip hop recitation of Israeli bumper stickers reflects the many facets of Israel. 

Thurs., Feb. 15 & Sun., Feb. 25: Silicon Wadi
Israel has proven to be a startup nation that wows the world again and again. What makes entrepreneurship and innovation so pervasive in Israel? Why do Israelis have so many out of the box ideas? And what does the IDF have to do with all of this?

Thurs., March 15 & Sun., March 18: The Building of the Country
Join me as I share the story of my grandma, Yehudit, who was part of the Palmach Brigade unit which built Kibbutz Yizrael in 1948. She was also a student in Mikveh Israel, the famous historic agricultural school founded in 1870 that taught the first Israelis how to build Kibbutzim.

Thurs., April 26 & Sun., April 29: A Jewish & Democratic State
Israel’s secular–religious status quo was determined with the birth of the country. What was started as a desire to strengthen the Jewish identity after the holocaust and maintain the religious character of the state, has become a burden for many Israelis. In this session we will discuss the conflict between religion and democracy in Israel.


Israeli Film Series
Join us throughout the year for award-winning films direct from Israel. Following each film, Yael Stolarsky, JCC Israeli Shlicha, will lead us in a meaningful discussion. All films are shown at the JCC.

Thursday, December 21 • 7 p.m.
Someone to Run With
This Israeli film is based on David Grossman’s novel. Assaf is looking for the owner of a lost dog on the streets of Jerusalem. The dog’s owner, Tamar, a gifted singer and guitarist, has come to Jerusalem in search of her brother, who fell in with a dangerous crowd. A tale of adventure, finding the strength to overcome fears, true friendship and love.



Community Shlichut Program
The Volunteer Shlichut program, created by the Jewish Agency for Israel, is committed to strengthening Jewish identity and creating a connection between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel. The JCC Israeli shlicha (emissary) works directly within the community, with children, students and adults, to impart Jewish heritage and Zionism, to encourage members of the community to visit Israel, to provide the community with a taste of Israel, to organize a wide range of educational activities based on the Jewish calendar cycle, and to represent Israel before the general public.

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Boker Tov, Israel! | The Women of Israel

Join Yael Stolarsky, our JCC Israeli Shlicha, as we explore Israel’s politics, innovations, society, culture, and values through discussion, interactive presentations, and videos. Topic: The Women of Israel Since before the country of Israel