About the JCC

More than a century ago, a dedicated group of local Jewish individuals and families ­passed onto the Stamford community an invaluable gift: our Stamford Jewish Community Center.

These founding mothers and fathers understood that what has ensured the survival and vitality of the Jewish People throughout the Diaspora has been our ongoing commitment to seven essential elements: family, community, faith, remembrance, culture, our relationships with outside constituencies and communities, and Israel. 

Indeed, these elements remain central to the JCC’s vision and mission to this very day, and the JCC’s role within the ever-compelling Jewish story has never been greater.

These earliest generations appreciated the notion that, “just as their parents and grandparents had planted trees for them, so too must they plant trees for their children and grandchildren.” And out of that passion and deep sense of communal responsibility, they financed, built and maintained the JCC – not just for themselves and their families, but ultimately for the many future generations of Jews.

The JCC is, quite literally, the center of all social, recreational, cultural and educational activities and programs within our Jewish “neighborhood” – serving the needs of our community’s children, teens, adult and senior populations, including the able bodied as well as those with special needs ­– all within the broadest and most inclusive Jewish context. A proudly pluralistic Jewish institution, the JCC warmly welcomes not only all streams of Judaism, but people of all other faiths, ethnicities, races, and economic circumstances.

The JCC Sara Walker Nursery School, JumpStart, O-la-mi, Mitzvah Day, the Jewish Arts & Film Festival of Fairfield County, Tzahal Shalom and POSH are but a few of the JCC’s signature programs and activities. Nevertheless, these do not come close to measuring the full value of the JCC to those within our community, and to the Jewish People. Without the vibrancy and Jewish family atmosphere of the JCC, our local Jewish community would be missing its all-important “magnet and anchor,” roles that could not be fulfilled by any other community organization or agency.

Consider how many of us were warmly welcomed by the JCC. For how many of us has the JCC’s fitness center, Sunday morning basketball games, Center Women activities, and Jewish cultural experiences represented important opportunities to work out, play, socialize, learn and appreciate with adult acquaintances and friends having common interests and backgrounds?

In all of the most important ways, the benefits of JCC membership go far beyond whether or not one makes current active use of the fitness center, programs or activities. The JCC was and forever remains our community’s “Main Street,” the comfortable and ever-reliable centerpiece of our Jewish neighborhood.



A Brief History

The JCC was founded in 1916 as The Hebrew Institute, a social meeting place for the Jewish residents of Stamford. In 1930, the name was changed to the Stamford Jewish Center and the doors were opened to a brand new building on Prospect Street. It was the first building of its kind in all of New England to serve an entire Jewish community. There the Jewish Center grew and prospered, becoming a focal point of life for the city’s Jews and non-Jews alike, as thousands of people jammed its gymnasium, bowling alley, dining room and swimming pool each week.

As the City of Stamford grew and the Jewish community expanded, the Jewish Center outgrew its home on Prospect Street. In 1973, the 15-acre Nyselius estate on Newfield Avenue was purchased. While its new home was being planned and constructed, the JCC functioned as a Center “without walls,” continuing to offer its members an extensive range of activities and programs by borrowing or renting needed facilities. In 1977, the Jewish Center was renamed the Stamford Jewish Community Center, and in that year membership nearly doubled. Ground was broken at the Newfield Avenue site in 1978. The William and Sally Tandet Building was completed in 1981.

Today, the JCC continues to maintain the tradition of communal pride and heritage envisioned by its founders more than a hundred years ago.



Mission Statement

The Stamford JCC is a cultural, educational and recreational center, offering exceptional programs, classes and special events designed to enrich the mind, body and spirit. We are driven by the Jewish values of welcoming guests, kindness, respect, and communal responsibility, and we warmly welcome people of all ages, faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

Our Mission
The Stamford JCC provides a uniquely warm, welcoming and inclusive gathering place, rooted in Jewish values, that fosters lasting relationships and meaningful experiences through high-quality social, recreational, educational and cultural programs and services. 

Our Vision
The vision of the Stamford JCC is to be the epicenter of Jewish life, an enduring and welcoming place where lifelong relationships are created and nurtured, a place for all Jews and where all Jews want to be, and an essential and influential partner in the broader community.  

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