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Center for Jewish Engagement

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NEW! Simply Jewish
Grades 6 – 12
In this series you will explore Jewish culture, values and history. Using art, poetry, music and stories, participants will encounter Judaism in a fun and inclusive way. In this open and welcoming environment for everyone of all denominations, the Jewish learning will elevate participants’ knowledge, and mindfulness, and will give them the tools in which to work on their moral compass. Our goal is that participants will grow their knowledge about Judaism and bring tolerance and respect to their community.

Grade 6
Sundays, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Jan. 5 – Mar. 29 (No class Feb. 16)
Member $252 / Community $300 (12 sessions)

Grade 7 – 12
Tuesdays, 6 – 7 p.m.
Jan. 7 – Mar. 31 (No class Feb. 18)
Member $252 / Community $300 (12 sessions)



Sports & Fitness

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Teen Personal Training
It is important for pre-teens and teens to be physically active at least five days a week. This routine will encourage a healthy lifestyle and help combat obesity. Teen sessions will be goal-oriented with a strong focus on how to properly use the cardio machines and other equipment in accordance with their individual body types and personalized goals.

60 Minute Private Sessions
10 Sessions $61 per session ($612)
5 Sessions $63 per session ($315)
3 Session Intro Rate $144*

30 Min Private
10 Sessions $33 per session ($333)
5 Sessions $35 per session ($175)
3 Session Intro Rate $81*

60 Min Semi-Private
10 Sessions $45 per session ($450)
5 Sessions $48 per session ($238)
3 Session Intro Rate $103*

*Introductory rates for first-time JCC member personal training clients only.


Small Group Personal Training for Teens
Train with Friends and Save!
Have fun training with 3 to 5 of your friends! Teens will meet with a personal trainer who will tailor the workouts to the participants’ preferences and skill levels. Grab 2 or more friends and contact Lori Price at lprice@stamfordjcc.org. Pricing will depend on the size of the group. Small Group Personal Training is open to both members and non-members.


Private Basketball Lessons with a JCC Coach
Grades 6 – 12
For information or to make an appointment, contact Mo Concepcion at 203.487.0971 or mconcepcion@stamfordjcc.org



The NEW Dance and Arts Center at The J!
Ages 8 – 15+

These studio classes are catered to students who are deeply passionate about, or highly interested in, dance. Classes will challenge students to learn and progress in each class, leading to physical, creative and personal growth.

Studio Classes are labeled as: [Dance Style] [Class Level] (i.e., “Hip-Hop II”).Class levels are classified by both age and experience. Students will be evaluated to determine which level they are best fit for. Studio Classes begin with a warmup consisting of improv dancing, stretching and light conditioning exercises. Students will then learn a choreographed combo that will be broken down and drilled throughout the class. Students will be challenged with attempting different approaches and methods of executing the choreography, as well as channeling different emotions and intentions to tell a story effectively through their movement.

Unlike the recreational classes, Studio Classes run for the full year (September through June) and will end with a recital to showcase the routines learned throughout the year. Students in the Studio Classes will be guaranteed at least 2 routines in the recital per class they sign up for. For committing to the year-long class, we will be offering discounted rates on Studio Classes. Additionally, studio dancers will be offered exclusive discounts on dance workshops/events and recital costumes, among other benefits.

As we continue to finalize the details of the Studio Classes and the new Dance and Arts Center, kindly forward any questions to Lizzie Fleitas, Performing Arts Coordinator, at lfleitas@stamfordjcc.org, and stay tuned for updates and announcements coming this summer!


Studio Class Tuition:
Studio Classes run from September 2019 to June 2020. The deadline to join Studio Classes is January 13, 2020. 

Tuition is divided into 3 equal trimester payments: September 2019, November 2019, and March 2020. Tuition does not include dance recital costume. Costume payment is due in November. Studio Class tuitions are prorated for sessions offered from January 2020 to June 2020 for students who are registering between now and January 13, 2020. Tuition can be divided into 2 equal payments for those joining Studio classes between now and January. For more information, please contact Mo Concepcion at mconcepcion@stamfordjcc.org.


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Ages 8 – 14
Class consists of a warm-up, which incorporates the fundamental ballet stretches and poses, across the floor exercises, leaps and turns, and learning and executing choreographed combinations. Students learn footwork, direction changes, and weight shifts. Through the technique of ballet, students will gain balance, strength, flexibility and body-awareness.

Ballet II
Ages 11 – 14
Mondays, 5:45 – 6:45 p.m.
Jan. 6 – Jun. 1 (No class Jan. 20, Feb. 17, Apr. 6, May 25)
Members $378 / Community $450 (18 sessions)


Ages 8 – 14
Contemporary is a fusion of many different dance styles; it draws technique from Ballet, isolations and grooves from Hip-Hop, and improv-based movement from Modern. In this class, students will learn fundamental elements of dance, such as leaps, turns, grooves and floorwork. Improvisation exercises and choreographed combinations will allow students to practice and apply these foundational moves while they explore different ways of connecting rhythmically and emotionally to the music.

Contemporary II
Ages 11 – 14
Tuesdays, 5:15 – 6:15 p.m.
Jan. 7 – Jun. 2 (No class Feb. 18, Apr. 7, Apr. 14)
Members $399 / Community $475 (19 sessions)


Ages 8 – 14
Students will express themselves creatively through the basic moves and grooves of Hip-Hop dance! As they dance along to the latest age-appropriate tunes, students will learn elements of grooving, popping and waving, while also gaining an understanding of rhythm and musicality. Through fun games and creative exercises, students will fine-tune their improvisational skills and imaginatively explore new approaches to movement-based expression.

Hip-Hop II
Ages 11 – 14
Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Jan. 8 – Jun. 3 (No class Apr. 8, Apr. 15)
Members $420 / Community $500 (20 sessions)



Performing Arts


Acting Out at The J is thrilled to announce its 2020 Teen Production
13: The Musical
Performances on March 26 & 29, 2020

Grades 6 – 12
13 is a hilarious, coming-of-age musical about discovering that “cool” is sometimes where we least expect it. With an unforgettable rock score from Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown, 13 is all about fitting in – and standing out! Evan Goldman, on the verge of his bar mitzvah, is plucked from his fast-paced, preteen New York City life and plopped into a sleepy Indiana town following his parents’ divorce. Surrounded by an array of simple-minded middle school students, he needs to establish his place in the popularity pecking order. Can he situate himself on a comfortable link of the food chain...or will he dangle at the end with the outcasts?!

Fun fact: Did you know Ariana Grande was in the original Broadway cast of 13?

Member $400 / Community $500 Teen membership is available for $38 per month

AUDITIONS: Sunday, Jan. 5 • 4 – 6 p.m. & 7 – 9 p.m.
Please come prepared with up to 16 bars of a Broadway song to sing for us. We will provide sides for the acting portion of your audition. Callbacks, by invitation only, will be held on Tuesday, January 7 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. Rehearsals will be either Tuesday & Thursday evenings OR Tuesday & Wednesday evening (based on the majority’s availability) from 6 – 9 p.m. and some Sundays.

Questions? Please email Janice Steinberg at janice@alfacreative.com.




Swim Assessment for New Swimmers 

For all children enrolling in a swim program for the first time, we strongly encourage you to bring your child for a free assessment. Our instructors will be able to advise you on the best class for your child based on his or her age and ability. Contact Aquatics Director Alex Tkachuk at 203.487.0990 or atkachuk@stamfordjcc.org, for more information.

Swim Refund Policy
Due to high demand and limited spots for swim lessons, the JCC refund policy will be strictly enforced. Refunds, credits or make-up classes for unscheduled absences cannot be accommodated. For absences due to serious illness/injury (doctor’s note required) or absences known at least one week in advance, we will make every effort to schedule make-up classes. Placement in make-up classes is based on the schedule of comparable classes and their availability.

Swim Cap Policy

Everyone entering the pool must wear a swim cap. This rule applies to males & females of all ages who have hair, no matter how long.


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Babysitting Training Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED at The J
American Red Cross babysitting and child care courses can help you provide quality care to children of all ages. Developed by experts in the industry, our courses are available to those ages 11 and older, and topics include: choosing age-appropriate activities; basic child care, like bottle feeding; child behavior; safety; starting a babysitting business; and more. Pediatric First Aid, AED and CPR also will be included in the course.

Tuesday, Feb. 18 • 2 – 9 p.m.
Member $100 / Community $125


Pediatric CPR Class
This class is intended for anyone involved in childcare who has a duty to respond to emergencies in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. It’s ideal for: moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, babysitters, nannies, and guardians. In this course, one will learn some of the following:

• the difference between infant CPR and child CPR
• how to recognize if a child is choking
• how to clear a child’s airway if he or she is choking

Please note: This is not a certification course; for educational purposes only.

Wednesday, Feb. 19 • 7:15 – 8 p.m.
Member FREE / Community $15


American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course at The J
This lifeguarding course is for entry-level lifeguard participants (15+ yrs). Learn skills to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies. Learn how to provide care for cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel take over.

Saturday, Feb. 15 • 12 – 7 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 16 • 12 – 7 p.m.
Monday, Feb. 17 • 2 – 9 p.m.
Member $400 / Community $450

Sunday, Apr. 5 • 3 – 9 p.m.
Monday, Apr. 6 • 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Tuesday, Apr. 7 • 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Member $400 / Community $450


JCC Stingrays Competitive Swim Team IS AN OFFICIAL USA SWIM CLUB!
The JCC competes in the USA Swimming League. Practices will be held on Mondays through Thursdays at 7 p.m., and Fridays at 6 p.m. Children must try out for the team, and must have the following prerequisites:

• Level 4 – Barracuda (stroke development)

• Pre-Swim Team Classes*

JCC Stingrays Junior Competitive Swim Team is for those swimmers who want to begin participating on a swim team, but are not quite ready in skill or ability for Swim Team. Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. For more information please contact Alex Tkachuk at atkachuk@stamfordjcc.orgor 203.487.0990.

*The JCC’S Pre-Swim Team Program is a wonderful way to develop good swimmers into great swimmers before they join our competitive team. For more information please contact Alex Tkachuk at atkachuk@stamfordjcc.org or 203.487.0990.


Private & Small Group Swim Lessons
Private lessons, alone or coupled with our group classes, are a great way to accelerate learning. These lessons offer a comfortable setting, so those new to the water can excel. Through an initial skills test, we can assess your child’s ability and plan lessons around his or her specific needs. Lessons are 30 minutes and are sold in packages of 10 lessons and 5 lessons. All prices are per person. For more information, contact Aquatics Director Alex Tkachuk at 203.487.0990 or atkachuk@stamfordjcc.org.

Private Lessons (1 person)
1 lesson: Member $50 / Community $60
5 lessons: Member $230 / Community $280
10 lessons: Member $410 / Community $510

Semi-Private Lessons (2 people)
1 lesson: Member $40 / Community $48
5 lessons: Member $180 / Community $220
10 lessons: Member $320 / Community $390

Group Private (3 or more people)
1 lesson: Member $38 / Community $44
5 lessons: Member $165 / Community $195
10 lessons: Member $290 / Community $350



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